Malisha Kumar, founder and owner, holds a BS in Anthropology with an Emphasis in Human Services and a MBA from Santa Clara University. For over 20 years she served as CEO of a successful manufacturing company in Morgan Hill and lives in the community with her two children. Malisha’s journey with cannabis began when both her children were diagnosed with a food allergy driven autoimmune diseases at a young age. Her son lived with a feeding tube for almost 3 years. Using her limited background in biology and medicine, Malisha quickly educated herself on her children’s conditions and learned that it would take a combination of western and eastern medicines to manage their symptoms. It was then that Malisha became familiar with the use of cannabis, specifically CBD, in children with seizures disorders. While quickly becoming a  “doctor” in her own right, Malisha also learned that her children are challenged in the way that they learn and it was another journey and sometimes battle to find the help and answers she needed. Through the testing, procedures, hospitals stays, doctors appointments and long nights, Malisha’s own anxiety and stress levels began to take a toll. It was some years later, once the children had become stable medically and successful in school that she began to realize that she was suffering from symptoms associated with posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD. Having learned from her children that sometimes western medicine isn’t always the answer; she began to study the use of cannabis for managing PTSD and is now passionate about helping others.


Malisha Kumar Founder, Education Advocate

Kevin Phillips, Education Advocate